2017 Blankets Plus OFFERING

 Our February  Mission Emphasis


Blanket the World in Love

It is really cold outside. This February, you can help to provide blankets to people in need. You can help to “Blanket the World in Love”.
Every year, Church World Service gives away many blankets and they need your help to make this possible. The warehouse of supplies is starting to get empty and they need your help to provide more blankets to people around the world.
For only 10 dollars, you can help to immediately provide a blanket for someone in need and to give them comfort from the cold. Not only does a blanket bring warmth, shelter and security, but it also comes with a promise that First Presbyterian Church will be with them, to care for them while they get back on their feet.
Again this year, we are encouraged to take part in this important work. Special envelopes for your Blankets+ offerings will be available in the pews in the sanctuary during February. In addition, cards are available in the church office if you would like to make a donation to Blankets+ in honor of someone special. Thank you for reaching out and making a difference! You can help to keep people warm, so please give generously and help to blanket the world in love.