Dear First Presbyterian Members and Friends,

 It is once again that time of year where we ask you to recommit your individual and family contribution to the mission of Christ’s church here at First Presbyterian; financially and your time and talents.

As disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are continually building upon the foundation of the faith we are blessed to have and there are invaluable ways that the church helps in that building process. In our new Sunday School program this year, Building Faith Brick by Brick, our children (and their adult teachers) are using LEGO’s to build what they hear in the biblical story. Each Sunday, the children listen to the story and build from there. Some weeks, they are able to use portions of the structure that they built the week before, adding to the story of God working in the world and adding to the essential faith building blocks of their own relationship with God.

The local congregation, the family of faith that gathers for worship, participates in mission, studies God’s word, and prays together and for one another, helps all of us to add more “bricks” to our structure of faith. And each one of us are called by God to fully participate in the ministry of the church.

To help you keep your financial commitment at regular intervals through the year, you now have the opportunity to electronically give to the church using PayPal (see above). Through electronic payments you can make one-time financial gifts or set up monthly recurring payments of a set amount. This may be particularly useful for those of you who miss church regularly or spend the winter in warmer climes. A link will be set up on the church website for you to make these offerings. If you need help setting up a PayPal account we will be glad to help you. We hope you will consider using this new form of giving to our church ministry.

All of the ministries that we do at First Presbyterian require your support, financially and spiritually. And all of the new things that God is calling us to do and be in the world require the same. We ask that you and your family prayerfully consider how best you can live out your ministry at First Presbyterian Church, through your use of the gifts God has given you in the work of the church and in your financial commitment.

May the blessings of Christ and the promises of God continue to work in you and your life.


The Session and Pastor Sarah Hooker 

Spare Change for Mission!

The “Least Coin/Mile of Pennies” jar needs your help! Please look around for all those coins that are weighing you down and bring your coins in to the “Least Coin/Mile of Pennies” jar in the narthex. These coins will help lighten someone else’s load! The money collected from this jar goes toward the “Fellowship of the Least Coin” supporting our extra-mile mission giving with our brothers and sisters around the globe. Please see the pamphlet in the narthex or stop by the church office if you want to know more about this offering.


Help us fill the food box each week and help our friends and neighbors in need. In addition, cash donations may be placed in the offering plate on Sunday morning or left in the church office. Please make checks payable to First Presbyterian Church. Thank you for your continued support of this important mission.