What We Offer


Presbyterianism 101: What Does It All Mean Anyway?

Join Pastor Sarah in a series of five classes on what it means to be a Presbyterian. We will be having discussions, watching videos from Theocademy, and learning about this denomination we belong to.

This class is perfect for people considering membership in our church, those who are already members, or for folks who would just like to learn more about our denomination.

Classes will be Monday nights at 6:30pm, continuing through March 23 due to the weather.



The most important decision a young person can make is to commit themselves to Christ and to take up membership in Christ's Church through the confirmation of the Baptismal vows made for them by their parents and we, as their church family.

The Confirmation Class helps our young people explore their faith journey and how to express their faith in Christ Jesus. The Confirmands meet regularly for fellowship and study. The class is designed to give students an opportunity to deepen and confirm their faith in Jesus Christ, learn the basic theology of the Christian faith, and learn what it means to identify with the Presbyterian Church family.

Pastor Sarah teaches the Confirmation Class for all youth, grades 7-12, who are interested. The class is explores the Bible, Reformed Theology and Presbyterian tradition and polity.

Please watch for schedule information on this site and in the church newsletter.

Please contact Pastor Sarah if you are interested in participating in the next class. pastor[at] or 607_746_2155.