Remembering the needs of others, we bring our gifts to you, O Lord. We pray that our giving will bring hope and joy into lives of others. We pray in Christ's name. Amen.

Mission Focus for September - Village Hope Partnership 

The Mission Committee would like to challenge us to sponsor a village through Village Hope Partnership. $3,000.00 is the amount needed to begin work in a new village with at least 70 villages in need. The Mission Committee has already committed $1,000.00 toward a village sponsorship and some funds have been contributed by the congregation. Let us show the power of God’s love and support a village together! Please make contributions to First Presbyterian Church using the envelopes for Village Hope provided in each pew and office clearly marked “Village Hope” and drop in the offering plate, mail to the church or leave in the church office.  Thank you for your support and caring for all God’s creation.



Help us fill the food box each week and help our friends and neighbors in need. In addition, cash donations may be placed in the offering plate on Sunday morning or left in the church office. Please make checks payable to First Presbyterian Church. Thank you for your continued support of this important mission.


Spare Change for Mission!

The “Least Coin/Mile of Pennies” jar needs your help! Please look around for all those coins that are weighing you down and bring your coins in to the “Least Coin/Mile of Pennies” jar in the narthex. These coins will help lighten someone else’s load! The money collected from this jar goes toward the “Fellowship of the Least Coin” supporting our extra-mile mission giving with our brothers and sisters around the globe. Please see the pamphlet in the narthex or stop by the church office if you want to know more about this offering.