Scottish Festival 2015


Many thanks to all who helped out with the Scottish Festival. 


I especially want to thank the entire Sullivan family for the fantastic luncheon which was all made from scratch. I didn’t see anything pre-mixed even the strawberry éclair cake!  The decorations were superb and lovingly planned and executed with a great deal of hand work by Karen LaFever, Diane Maxwell and her twin sister Denise who flew out from Michigan to help out!  Our quilt and walking stick raffles were a big hit and I am grateful to all those who donated their time, talents and dollars to the projects especially Bonnie Fleming who headed up the quilt making. This money will go to upgrade some items in the kitchen. 


Our Archive room was on display showcasing our church history and links with Scotland and was manned by church history buffs Marge Hume and Clara Stewart.  Kathy Beverage provided “Scottish flavor” with bagpiping throughout the day.  Who would have known it was her piping debut? And speaking of music, wasn’t that a beautiful Kirkin worship service on Sunday with the choir, Appealing Sound Bell Choir (thank you fearless leader Bea Mooney), Charlie Zahm sharing “Be Thou My Vision”, and Gayle Olson on the organ. 


Thanks to Presbyterian Women who put on a fantastic Scottish Tea after worship on Sunday.  It was wonderful to see fellowship hall full of life.  I baulked at advertising and even had a mini breakdown, so am grateful for Pastor Sarah and Barb Thompson getting out the word in newspapers, Presbytery, press releases, clergy meetings and fliers.


Thank you, thank you for all of those not named here who helped out with ticket taking, greeting, the bake sale, setting up, cleaning up and endless other things.  Lastly, I want to thank our church secretary, Nancy Althaus, who does more than anyone knows in the life of the church in taking care of all the “little” details that make things happen at special events and every day!


We have found new “friends” and even new dancers! Yeah!


It was a beautiful weekend of food, dancing, history, music, worship, fellowship and our church’s Scottish heritage.  Does it get any better?  “Me thinketh not”.




Yours Aye,


Sally Scrimshaw




I would like to thank all those that baked, set up, served and cleaned up for helping with the Scottish Festival luncheon.  Without the amazing support of the Sullivan family and my church family this would not have been such a success.


Kathy Sullivan


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