Music Ministry

What We Offer


All regular rehearsals are on hold at this time due to the Covid19 pandemic.

We look forward to the day when we are able to sing together once more but please continue to praise the Lord through song around your own home to keep those vocal chords in shape and bring joy to those in your household as well as to the Lord!

Special Music 

If you are interested in providing special music during worship, please contact Billy Meredith or the church office.

Chancel Choir

Regular rehearsals will resume as soon as we can join together and safely sing as a choir.

A Pealing Sound

Bells will be on hold for now, but will likely resume for special performances.


Chapel Choir

Chapel Choir looks forward to rehearsing together when Sunday School and singing in church can safely resume.


Rainbow Bells

Rainbow Bells looks forward to ringing together again when it is safe!