Music Ministry

What We Offer


Special Music 
If you are interested in providing special music during worship, please contact Billy Meredith or the church Office.

Chancel Choir

Regular rehearsals are held each Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm from September through May. Please check the church calendar for additional information. The Chancel Choir is always happy to welcome new members. If you would like to join the choir, please contact Billy Meredith, any choir member or feel free to come to choir practice any Wednesday. 

Need another reason to join the choir? Consider this: Neuroscientists in Sweden discovered that singers’ heartbeats tend to synchronize, which leads to a sense of emotional calm and bonding. 

“Joint action leads to joint perspectives,” write the researchers. “In other words, singers may change their egocentric perspective of the world to a ‘we-perspective,’ which causes them to perceive the world from the same point of view.” 

So start singing — and enjoy the many benefits and blessings of being part of a choir! 

A Pealing Sound

Regular rehearsals are held Wednesdays from 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm during the school year. Anyone interested in ringing is welcome!

Please let the church office or Billy Meredith know if you are interested.


Chapel Choir

Chapel Choir rehearses during the Sunday School Hourl. 

Rainbow Bells

Rainbow Bells will ring on November 17th.   As we have lost several of our children this year we are looking for volunteers of all ages to help out during children’s time in the service. No experience needed. Please let Carolyn or church office know if you can help.