Open Letter To Former Youth Group Participants:

On behalf of First Presbyterian Church of Delhi, we hope that this letter finds you in good health and enjoying life!

We are reaching out to encourage you to participate in a Youth Group Reunion!

Our Youth Group has been focused on providing opportunities for young people to develop leadership skills, engage in positive social activities and to give back to the community through various ways of mission outreach.

To you, former YG members, we hope that we were able to meet some of all of these goals!

Recent discussions have led First Pres to consider an event focusing on our former Youth Group members and their families. This event would include participating in the Sunday morning worship service, a shared meal and other fun events. You may choose to take part in one or all of these. It would be a time to share memories of our times together and what youth group meant to you as an individual, as well as its impact on your life.

Our hope is to hold this reunion sometime later this summer or early fall, considering family vacations and school schedules.

If you are interested in attending such an event, please let us know! 

If you are still in contact with other former YG members, feel free to share this with them and let the office know so we can reach out to them too!

At this time, we are in the organizing stage. If you would like to be a part of the planning, please contact the church office at

We are very excited to offer this opportunity to meet again!

In Christ’s love,

Bea Mooney – representing former YG leaders

Pastor Jamie Tyrrell

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