Current Mission Emphasis Projects 

Village Hope Partnership

Village Hope Partnership is a humanitarian organization that grew out of a desire to assist villages in Nepal that had been devastated by the Gorkha earthquake of 2015. In Kathmandu and nearby towns alone, over 600, 000 structures were damaged or destroyed. By May 2017, VHP had assisted over 40 villages to rebuild, by training the people of each village and making materials and tools available for their projects. VHP now has around 70 villages requesting assistance and training to rebuild.  

Some of the things Village Hope provides to families and villages are: animals for meat, for sharing the offspring with others, and as a source of some needed income. Sanitary outhouse buildings, trees for shade and fruit, water pumps, sewing machines and training, literacy training, financial and actual help with medical emergencies, means to provide job opportunities for village residents, fish ponds, and the list is constantly growing. VHP seeks to rebuild villages and rebuild and enrich the lives of the people of Nepal.

The Mission Committee of First Presbyterian Church, Delhi, has decided to invite the congregation of FPCD to contribute to Village Hope Partnership with a matching gift up to $1,000.00. To start assisting a new village it takes about $3,000.00. We are excited about this mission to people in Nepal, knowing how we can be a part of enriching the lives of others.

Rev Dr Lisa Ruth Mays, Interim Pastor at FPCD, works with Village Hope Partnership and has shared her mission trip with power point photography and lively narration. Please contact Lisa Ruth for more information or to schedule a presentation and/or your church might be interested in supporting the work of Village Hope Partnership in Nepal. FPCD office phone is 607.746.2155